Achieve your goals
& dreams

Discover how to create more compassion,
joy, balance and peace in your life

In this book you will learn how to:

  • Create freedom from the fears that hold you back from having great relationships, career and life.
  • Develop more compassion, kindness and empathy towards yourself and others.
  • Improve your self-esteem and manage your anxious thoughts better.
  • Tap into your most authentic self and ignite your inner-spark.
  • Start loving yourself for who you are and not who you think you should be.


  • Yara Helou

    Working with Riaza for 6 weeks changed my life. Instant clarity followed by action! Her sweet demeanor and engaging personality makes me feel heard and understood. Her knowledge in psychology is incredible and has helped me learn a lot about myself. Looking forward to continuing the journey with her!

  • Andrew Hickinbotham

    Thank you Riaza! Your wonderful coaching has helped unpack issues, and uncover some revelations that will linger. The space you hold and the care you have shown me as a client, is a gift - one which I urge you to share widely.

  • Reem Thekle

    Thank you Riaza -PRiZM, you've helped me reach deep into my core and accept myself, my progress, heal and transform my relationship with myself. I'm so grateful to your coaching holding space for me to explore and heal. Now I have so much clarity and certainty of being me and loving my forward trajectory towards self business mastery.

  • Meet the Author

    Riaza is a Master Coach with 15 years experience in business and the personal development industry. She has helped people transform all aspects of their lives to consciously ignite their spark and reconnect to their purpose.

    Riaza has a unique approach to helping people overcome the fears and limiting beliefs that hold them back from evolving their careers, relationships and personal well-being. Riaza is inquisitive and insightful, and provides a heart-centered service for her clients. She is loved by her clients for creating a safe coaching space that empowers them to live a more fulfilled and balanced life.

    Riaza is also a qualified yoga teacher, human behavior enthusiast, life-long student, thalassophile and eternal traveler.


    Riaza Manricks


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  • Chris Masters Mah

    Riaza Manricks has a wise, open and understanding style, and genuine curiosity in her problem solving. As a coach, her knowledge of Coaching & Business was deep. She creates a safe & productive space, thoughtful in her questioning, and we resolved many of the very different issues I presented.

  • Shana Karan

    I'm really glad to work with Riaza. The coaching and mentoring of her is really awesome. Actually she assisted me to focus on my vision clearly. The six weeks coaching was really fruitful. She was analyzing our entire profile and giving us suggestions and motivating in a best way.

  • Kara Johnson

    I already feel more content and empowered to handle career and general life challenges. Riaza is very easy to talk to openly and I have gained so much from each session. One session, in particular comes to mind, when afterward I felt that everything just clicked into place and I had a greater understanding about myself and those around me.

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